Social Organizations

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Stay in constant call with your Organization!

Keep in touch your organization with Mobile SMS pros All-in-One messaging service. Bear in mind, you need not pay or sign up for an additional email system, mobile texting service, or IM service.

Stop paying for a separate emailing service or a separate mobile texting service. MobileSmsPros’s all-in-one messaging and marketing engages all audiences.

Get your company/organization Mobile Keywords

Potential customers can text your mobile key words to Mobile SMS pros short code (95577) to join your mobile distribution list. Automated messages can likewise be arrangement to be texted immediately back to your participants.

Send monthly or weekly updates through text or email

Mobile SMS pros has numerous stylish HTML email layouts for you to keep your customers engaged with Monthly/weekly organization updates. Or, if you want to reach them sooner, send a suggestion text about the following upcoming event.

Create an Online Sign-Up Form to Collect Contact Info


Create an Online Sign-up page for every distribution list you want to create, or for every big event you want to throw. Customize the background of each page so it matches the event or website’s theme.

Collect mobile numbers, and email addresses. You can collect one type of contact information, or ALL of them.