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Stop paying for a separate emailing service or a separate mobile texting service. MobileSmsPros all-in-one messaging and marketing engages all audiences.

MobileSMSpros Mobile Voting Solution allows you to produce all kinds of fun and also engaging TEXT votes and also surveys. As people vote through text messaging, every vote is classified and also immediately tallied to ensure that it’s truly easy for you to see and also examine the outcomes.

MobileSMSpros Mobile voting Solution permits you to ask a multiple selection inquiry with up to 10 choices. All individuals should do to take part in the mobile vote is to text your “Mobile Keyword” to 95577. They will after that promptly obtain back a sms message that’s tailored by you with all the choices they can choose. They simply need to reply back with just the number that’s tied to the option, which’s it!

MobileSMSpros will certainly record every vote, reply message, as well as mobile number that joins the vote and will go into your personal data source to make sure that you can also text the voters in the future.

Our voting tools permit you to track and also tally results then report the cause citizens after the end of voting. All types of companies make use of voting functions supplied by MobileSMSpros to recieve prompt comments from consumers, potential customers or workers

Mobile Voting-Polls via Text Message!

Mobile Voting-Polls via SMS Sms message

SMS voting is an excellent function of the MobileSMSpros Platform. With SMS voting, you could blast a vote request to customers as well as they will be able to respond using SMS

Perfect Way To Get The Word Out

Send out sms text for a Daily Special during your slow business times


Discounts (25% off your next purchase)

Promote a Happy Hour, great to attract big crowds

Engage customers with important announcement, news or updates

Create an Online Sign-Up Form to Collect Contact Info


Create an Online Sign-up page for every distribution list you want to create, or for every big event you want to throw. Customize the background of each page so it matches the event or website’s theme.

Collect mobile numbers, and email addresses. You can collect one type of contact information, or ALL of them.




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