Industry Features

Industry Features


Fill empty tables with a picture message containing your monthly specials, alert customers to special promotions, personalize birthday coupons, and run a mobile loyalty program to reward your regulars.

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Social Organizations

Keep donors up-to-date on how your operations are going and invite them to special events. Organize your field canvassers and volunteers based on where they live, so you can rally your troops whenever you need them.

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Real Estate

Collect house-hunters’ phone numbers based on their interests, and alert them when a matching property is listed or having an open house. Or, have property pricing automatically sent when a potential buyer texts.

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Night Club & Bars

Message everyone about special upcoming events or guest performers. You can even sort your customers based on their favorite music genre to send more relevant alerts and invites about special upcoming events.

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Drive traffic through your doors with enticing digital coupons delivered via SMS, email, and Facebook. Also, create a customizable mobile rewards program to keep customers coming back for more.

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Encourage listeners to text in voice requests, shout outs, polls, and contest entries. Send traffic alerts with a sponsor message. Hold parties ticket giveaways to quickly collect contact information.

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Med Institutions

Cut down on no-shows by scheduling appointment reminders to be sent the day before. You can also sort patients based on the physician.

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Service Industry

Keep your customers informed during outages, critical situations, and for day-to-day service appointments through text messaging.

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Smart Targeting

The most important and key element of a resourceful mobile marketing software is its capacity to target significant instant messages.

Cross Channel

Get in contact with your potential customers through various and different channels such as voice calls, emails, social media as well as SMS


Let Mobile SMS pros' guidelines and instructions automate or preset messages for your SMS promotions so you can reduce responsibilities.

For Large Enterprises

Mobile SMS pros enterprise features help maintain your company branding standards and manage data access.

Engagement Tools

Potential customers with advanced digital vouchers; get allegiance through programs with prizes, generate leads through mobile keywords.

Campaign Consulting

Our specialist will assist you to plan and strategies your SMS promoting campaigns and conform to all rules and regulations.